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Our Experience

Santorini weddings is a company staffed with the very best consultants who are ready to plan your wedding day or even a wedding vows renewal following your thoughts, your needs, your wishes. Everything you have always wanted, you will see it happen before your eyes. Because Santorini weddings has a tick for every box on your wedding wish list. Our wedding planners can offer tasteful weddings, respect your time and of course your money, either you want a small Santorini wedding ceremony or a bigger one. What we do is take care of everything reffering to your special day, from the transportation for you and your guests to the decoration of the wedding venue, the preparations of the bride and groom and everything in respect to the reception.

Our Philosophy

Santorini weddings and its staff are at your full disposal any time you are in need of our advice and help, because this is our goal. To provide you a stress free wedding day and to give you what you desire. Our wedding planners are fully equipped, informed and passionate about what we do. Our dedication and the fact that all we want is to see the pleasure in your eyes, is what makes us do everything that is possible to make your Santorini wedding day effortless. Santorini weddings team is here,is ready and is capable of preparing your wedding. A wedding that can only conform with your dreams and the beauty of this Mediterranean gem that is called Santorini.